Mentor Blog: Parameters

Pathways has a great system of “Parameters” and being held accountable, which I love. I think that’s what drew me to them. One of the most impressive is the “Providers”, i.e., Therapists, Dental, Mechanics, Tutors and amazing offer of a rent free Apartment! Fortunately, an Apartment is available and my Mentee, Katie is now going …

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Mentee Blog: Franc

I was accepted into Pathways two years ago, during the summer of 2018. My life has changed exponentially since then. Before being accepted into Pathways, I was lost, broken, and had very little hope of having a future. Through my weekly therapy sessions with my amazing Pathways therapist, I have been able to greatly heal …

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Mentee Blog: Dani

Since being in Pathways I have, slowly, discovered my voice. I have discovered a new confidence in myself that I lacked before being in Pathways. Before Pathways, I would let people talk to me negatively, would never stick up for myself, and got taken advantage of in relationships. Due to my childhood, I have always …

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