Mentor Blog: Donna

How has your mentee grown, changed or became a healthier person since starting Pathways?

My Mentee has grown a great deal just in the 1 and a half years she has been a part of Pathways. Since joining Pathways, she has been able to learn to solve problems head on and not to avoid them. Having access to a therapist and allowing time to go to AA meetings are very beneficial and a value beyond measure. Each day she becomes more confident and able to realize what she needs to do. She has learned to ask for help and working hard at getting what she needs to do.

Her access to a car and learning how to maintain it is just one valuable lesson she is learning thanks to Pathways. Having weekly visits with a therapist is helping her to become a healthier person daily. Having a mentor and a team that is always looking out for her is a real positive in her life. She knows she has support which builds her confidence tremendously. As her Mentor I see it on a weekly basis. As a Mentor I was able to teach her how to organize her paperwork by creating a file box Also completing a budget and starting to save money.

My Mentee realizes what she is getting from Pathways every day and is so appreciative. With the support of Pathways, she will become a strong and successful woman leaving her past behind.