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Pathways to Independence relies on the generosity of over 125 annual volunteers to help forever change the lives of deserving young women in need. Combined with those we currently serve and those waiting, we need your help!

Licensed Therapists

40+ licensed therapists donate their time every week to help heal the pain left by years of abuse and neglect. Through mandatory weekly counseling, our young women are able improve their self esteem, organize their feelings, and address the psychological damage wrought by dysfunctional families.

Experienced Mechanics

5 local mechanics help us acquire and maintain cars for all the young women in Pathways. Most of the clients couldn’t afford cars prior to entering the program. A working car greatly facilitates getting to school, to work, to therapy and to Pathways related events in addition to immediately giving the clients a greater sense of freedom and independence.

Dentists & Orthodontists

15+ dentists and orthodontists donate time and materials to keep our clients smiling. Upon entering our program, many clients have poor dental hygiene and are in need of serious dental work and orthodontia. Improving a young woman’s smile is one of the quickest ways to boost her self esteem.

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