Become a Client

Pathways to Independence is committed to providing the following support for clients:

A team to assist with education plans, emotional health, life guidance and goal setting

Education assistance with course selections, tuition, tutoring, books and supplies

Weekly therapy sessions for the duration of the program

Mentoring through weekly conversations with an assigned mentor

Housing at the Pathways building, or assistance through a rent stipend

Transportation - including gas stipend, car repairs and maintenance

Healthcare support to ensure overall wellbeing and physical health

Referrals to community resources

Client Requirements

Have a serious desire to become empowered, self-sufficient and live productively

Come from a family that lacks the ability to provide financial and/or emotional support

Come from a background of abuse, poverty, neglect, or homelessness

Have completed a minimum of 6 units of college level classes with a GPA of 2.5 or better

Have a serious desire for scholastic growth by completing a college education - such as trade certificate, Associates of Arts/Science (AA/AS), or Bachelor's degree (BA/BS)

Are low-income, earning no more than $24,000 annually. Potential clients who earn more annually can still apply, but will need to decrease work hrs. to meet income requirements after being admitted into Pathways

Are 18-35 years old, single woman, with no dependents

Have High School diploma or GED

Qualify for financial through FAFSA

Must be a current California resident for at least a year

Clients of Pathways commit to the following for the duration of the program:

Ready to Apply?

Application Instructions:
Please realize that this program is a long-term commitment (generally 3.5 years or more).
Before you complete this application, please gather all the needed information. Your application will not be saved if you do not fill in the required fields (*).

To ensure you have a copy of the application please create a PDF.  Go to the top upper right-hand side where the three dots are, choose print, then in the destination box, choose PDF. Once you have the PDF, please email it to to ensure your application is received.