Mentee Blog: Catherine

Growing up, due to my situation living at home, I always had this thought that I would never be able to afford anything, especially college.

With this, I had no motivation in myself. It was during a dark time in my life where I would always had constant anxiety and fear living at home with my mother and three brothers. I had constant thoughts about being able to provide for my siblings and at the same time, finding some sort of reassurance and affection I never received from my single mother. I was forced to grow up at a young age and never had a “normal” childhood like most others. My parents never taught me how to ride a bike or even swim. I was never told, “you can do it!” Nor “I’m proud of you” from both parents. All my life, was constant self-doubt and an extreme low self-confidence. I am a survivor of my childhood trauma, which is something that I thought would haunt me for the rest of my life.

Today, I have grown in a positive way. I am extremely motivated when it comes to my education. As for Pathways, has helped me in every possible way I never thought would happen. I am thankful for my Pathways team as they are extremely supportive and for their guidance through every step of the way. Being apart of this this program has educated me about growth and has taught me that I can do anything with strong will-power. I was recently admitted to Cal State Fullerton for next Fall semester and plan to finish my degree in Psychology. My education has always been important to me. I knew, although I did not have a support system within my family, my dream was to escape the dark life I had. Pathways has taught me to help people. Whether it is someone going through emotional obstacles in their personal lives or simply being welcoming to those around me. After being in this program, I am finally able to love myself whole-heartedly as well striving for my goals. Pathways has taught me CONFIDENCE! And how IMPORTANT I am. I am extremely thankful for all in Pathways who devote their time and changing the lives of women who have a story— like me. And those who never had any guidance growing up, this program feels like family. Who love, care, and support you every day.