Mentor Blog: Parameters

Pathways has a great system of “Parameters” and being held accountable, which I love.

I think that’s what drew me to them. One of the most impressive is the “Providers”, i.e., Therapists, Dental, Mechanics, Tutors and amazing offer of a rent free Apartment! Fortunately, an Apartment is available and my Mentee, Katie is now going to take advantage of that opportunity.

How young women, with the any baggage history Pathways women come with, get through life with the cost and distractions and obstacles is beyond me. We talked about savings and she is taking advantage of the Pathways “Savings” Plan, which is amazing. With that guidance in mind, and the freeing up of rent, she said, and I feel confident she will follow through, with a “Savings Plan” for that money. She came to Pathways making not very much money, but again with determination and persistence she has changed jobs and bettered her financial situation as well as removing herself from a toxic environment.

I asked Katie how did she ever get into any trouble, because she’s so determined. She said she didn’t use to be. Instead of stubborn, I’d call Katie determined, to continue on the path of straight and narrow with the amazing help of Pathways. An example of her determination, in spite of not getting approved by Pathways for braces, she felt the necessity to pay out of her own pocket. In life our smile leads the way, it’s what most people remember about us, and lasts a life time. Fortunately and thankfully with her determination and persistence, Pathways is now covering the braces.

I love that Katie believes in paying it forward, which is why she has picked her Career to be working in Therapy with Probation and young women.

I’m thinking Therapy provided by Pathways is something young women would never have had the finances or maybe knowledge that they needed……and yet of everything, might just be the most valuable in helping them to navigate themselves through this challenging life. I think Katie is appreciating that Provider immensely. Thank you Pathways.