Mentee Blog: Javanna

I grew up partially in a foster home and then moved into another unstable living situation with my mother, an abusive older brother who had frequent grand mal seizures, and a few other siblings.

My mom consistently lost her jobs by either quitting or being laid off. We were evicted many times for not being able to pay rent and often had to live in shelters. It was a situation that caused me to develop trust issues, high anxiety levels, and a scarcity complex.

Being in Pathways has helped me rely on a support system that I can trust. It has provided me with a stable living situation for the first time in my life. I am incredibly grateful for the Pathways donors supporting us women as we stop unhealthy patterns from forming in our lives and set ourselves up for success in our future. I owe much of my growth to my therapist who has taught me many things in the past couple of years about codependency and how I can go about healing my triggers. I would not be the person I am today without Pathways and the services they provide and I am eternally grateful.