Corporate Governance

Pathways to Independence is committed to executing our mission with integrity, transparency and accountability. We strive to constantly improve our organizational controls and processes. Our goal is for all clients, volunteers and donors to have a clear understanding of how the organization works and have the freedom to report any concerns or suggestions directly to the Board of Directors.

All of those involved with the program are informed of our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies. These policies along with our Mission statement help provide a compass to guide the organization through all facets of our business.

Projected 2024 Budget


  • Total Income $1,870,000
  • Expenses Related to Net Income $312,740
  • Net Income $1,557,260


  • Program Expenses $1,124,739
  • Total Admin and Operating Expenses $267,662
  • Total Expenses $1,392,401

    This budget will support approximately 40 students. Cost per year per student varies but averages $33,000.


  • Total $162,500

IRS Forms 990

IRS filings for Pathways and all other public charities can be found at the GuideStar.

Audited Financial Statements

Strategic Plan

2024 - 2027