Client Experience

Pathways does for its clients what loving parents do for their children...

With all that is provided to our clients, all that Pathways asks in return, is for them to Pay it Forward to someone else in need. Presently, at least one graduate serves on the Board of Directors. Over 370 young women have been served since 1991 of which 80% have graduated from college or from a certificate program.

Pathways clients are single young women who:

Are poor by state and federal standards.
Come from a background of abuse, homelessness, or foster care.
Have a serious desire to complete their college education and become self-sufficient.
Lack an emotional and financial support system.

Pathways Commits To Their Clients:

Tuition & Books
Housing Stipend
Regular Therapy by a Licensed Therapist
Auto Services
Professionals such as Attorneys & Accountants

Clients Commit To:

Maintain full-time class schedule with minimum GPA.
Attend regular therapy sessions.
Maintain part-time employment.
Be accountable to a mentor.
Learn fiscal responsibility.
Attend college full-time with a view toward graduation.

I've felt that warm, family love I always wanted, but never had. I used to think that being strong meant shutting people out; now I know it's being vulnerable and facing my feelings."