Title The Road to Bettering my Self-Esteem

ThaliaWhen first became part of Pathways I felt like I didn’t belong here because I didn’t identify with the other girls’ issues. Over time, however, those thoughts changed with the help of therapy and realizing that my issues are as valid as theirs are. 
When I started the program, I didn’t even know I had low self-esteem until I went to therapy and learned what the signs are. Learning about the signs of self-esteem has helped me improve how I feel and how I view myself. For example, now I’m able to go to large events and not freak out when the attention might be on me. Improving my self-esteem has allowed me to set better boundaries and to speak about that subject. It also allowed me to take better care of myself through proper nutrition.
Having higher self esteem has permitted me to accept the love and support that my mentor has for me. Today, I’m able to look at her and tell her anything without being scared of being judged. She has proven to me that I can count on her at any time. My mentor Debbie has become one of my role models, and I admire everything she does. She is a humble person and really passionate about helping people. My mentor gives me hope that my dreams will come true since she confides in me about similar experiences and how far she has come to better herself. 
In general, this program is a gift that gives women the opportunity to re-establish their lives by becoming more confident, receiving an education, and being supported and loved in every aspect of life.