Past Trauma

I wish more people knew that Pathways offers therapy sessions to help with past trauma.

Pathways goes above and beyond to link you with a licensed therapist that you feel vulnerable with. From my own personal experience, my therapist offers multiple ways for me to participate in my sessions. For example, I am able to do zoom sessions if I’m going to be out of town which is something I deeply appreciate. The Pathways program truly focuses on the client’s needs and is accommodating to the client’s requests for more one on one therapy sessions if needed. One other thing that most people should know is that Pathways will cover costs that are related to school. For example, a student parking pass and school supplies are covered as well! Pathways is an amazing program that gives clients the tools that they need in order to become successful. This program has truly allowed me to have a second chance in life and allow me to become my best version of myself. I’m able to completely dial into my studies and attend study sessions without facing financial burden. I’m deeply grateful to be a part of a program that offers personal therapy sessions and tuition costs.