Privileged to be Accepted

I have recently been accepted by the Pathways program. My counselor at Golden West College suggested I apply to the program due to my unstable housing situation, and I am very excited and privileged to be accepted.

My goal in life is to earn an Art degree so that I may teach art, or provide art therapy, preferably to kids in the Foster Care system.

I have had a very difficult beginning in life, but since age 18, I have worked many different jobs to support myself, including being a plumber and welder in the Navy. I worked anywhere, and everywhere I could, to create a better life for myself.

Since I began college at Golden West, I have been working on my general education requirements while also taking art classes such as ceramics, printmaking and darkroom photography. After earning my AA, my plan is to transfer to one of the local universities to obtain my Bachelor’s degree, so that one day, I can help others better express themselves and benefit their lives.

I am more than grateful for Pathways and their assistance in helping me with my living situation. It is safe to say that I can now go to sleep reassured that the carpet won’t be pulled from under me anymore. I can’t express how happy I am to be a part of this program.