Power of Education and the Grace of Healing

My experience with Pathways has absolutely changed my life. It amazes me that I am about to leave the program where I have achieved so much.  I have become a strong, resilient, and beautiful woman. When I entered the program, I felt that the most important part of Pathways was getting the education I could not afford. Even though I am about to be credentialed as a health teacher and truly believe in the power of education, I realize now that my education was not the most important part of my journey. The most significant accomplishment I’ve experienced is healing. Therapy and mentor-ship have changed me for the better. I was able to walk through my grief and my recovery with the help of so many strong,  beautiful women. It is with gratitude I say that, although it has been painful, I have been  able to heal and transform through this program. There is so much gratitude to express, but most of all I want to thank Pathways supporters, volunteers and providers for the life I never thought I could have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Jen