The Most Amazing Gift

Client with horsePathways to Independence is the most amazing gift I have ever received.  I used to believe this is an opportunity I would never deserve.  This program has given me an infinite amount of amazing experiences and opportunities including a second chance at a successful accomplished life. When I found Pathways I was at my wits end, desperate to find a way to continue attending school and living where with my sober community. Pathways to Independence was the life vest that I needed when the struggles in my life were drowning me. This program has given me a sense of security that I never knew I could attain and I have never felt unconditional love like I do in this program.

I have had so many amazing experiences since becoming a client of Pathways. However, the coolest experience this program has given me is equine therapy.  Being around the horses was so therapeutic for me and ended up teaching me things I never knew about myself. I was able to trust and connect with the horses in a way I never thought imaginable. The experience was so indescribably beautiful and I am so grateful I was able to participate in it. Pathways is an amazing thing and I thank God every single day for putting Pathways and the amazing things that come with it every single day.