The biggest blessing in my life

I was accepted into Pathways in the beginning of 2017. This opportunity has been the biggest blessing in my life thus far. Prior to my acceptance into Pathways, my life was going in the wrong path and in so much turmoil. I was living in a garage and basically working just to live.

I knew it was what I had to do,  so I just did it.

Now, I am currently working in the drug and alcohol field, helping others to  overcome their addictions by giving them courage to face their addictions head on. Working in this field is my passion until I, one day, accomplish my career goal to become a social worker. I will be eight years clean this coming July, 2018.

I can’t thank Pathways enough for giving me this opportunity to live out my dreams, doing what my heart desires.  I now have the opportunity to give back and help young children  in the system or, better yet, prevent those children from going through what I went through. A quote that I live by is, “It could be worse, “ meaning that I try to look at each of my situations with the mindset that it could always be worse than what I’m actually dealing with at that moment. Pathways, its donors, and volunteers have definitely opened many doors for me, and I can’t ever thank them enough.