Thankful Pathways is Here

I have been in Pathways for a few months now, and this opportunity has already made a positive impact on my life.  The thought of going back to school has always scared me; all the expenses and limited time for class and homework while working full time and doing what I need to do in order to remain sober, I didn’t think it was possible for me to go back to school. My mentor and tutor have encouraged me to be open to new possibilities, like the fact that I might have a few brain cells that still function properly, and they are right.  I am trying to see myself how they see me, how God sees me, and I think I’m on my way to becoming the woman I was created to be.  My first class this summer has been an adjustment, but to have people in my life that guide me, tell me it’s going to be okay, and remind me to just do my best has really put my anxiety at ease.  I am still in shock that this amazing opportunity to better my life is mine to take, and I am thankful that Pathways is here for me. 

Thanks, Alex P