Safe and Sound

Since joining Pathways I have gained hope. I can see myself having a chance to have the life I want. For a long time I didn’t see a future for myself. Now I know I have that opportunity if I work hard.

Thanks to Pathways, I have a stable home where I feel safe. I no longer  need to worry about where I am going to live. Now I can focus on school and working towards a career I want.

I have had traumatic events in my life and have to built up walls in an attempt to keep myself “safe.”  Although I am still working on it, thanks to Dave Bishop, increasingly I  can put my guard down. He has been there for me, being supportive and caring  It really has inspired me to work towards my future.

Knowing that many people I don’t even know are helping and volunteering reminds me of the power of kindness.  I am grateful for Pathways and all those who  make this organization  possible. Thanks for not letting my past circumstances  hold me back and dictate my future.