Resources to succeed

pathways-photoSince becoming a pathways client I have been so blessed. I now live in a beautiful home that (before) I could only dream of living in. Having lived in poverty my whole life, this has been a huge deal for me. I feel safe in my new home. 
Pathways has shown me the life that I could have if I work hard (cut “in school and life.”) They have shown me kindness and love and the support that everyone desperately needs.  With the help of my mentor, I have managed to get through some of the toughest struggles in school and in my personal life. I never really thought I needed therapy because I always dealt with things on my own, but thanks to Pathways, I am able to see my amazing therapist Kate once a week just to vent. I am also very thankful for the car that pathways volunteers has provided me with because it makes traveling to school and work so much easier. I learned how to take care of my car because of Pathways volunteers as well. I didn’t know the first thing about an oil change or how car insurance works. I have also discovered my love for Astronomy and Physics while attending school last semester, and everyone was very supportive about these pursuits of mine.They have provided me with all the resources to succeed. (cut “like a math tutor since my major involves a lot of math.”) 
Another amazing thing that Pathways has helped me with is my health. I have recently enrolled into Cross Fit because of Pathways and have been changing my eating habits so that I can get into shape and become healthier. I have had the chance to see an optometrist for the first time in my life, as well as a dentist, doctor and an orthodontist for a problem with my jaw that I have had for years.  As a Pathways client I was able to attend Equine Therapy, which was a very therapeutic and unique experience for me. 
Thanks to all of the pathways supporters and volunteers, I have a true chance to do something great with my life, to tackle life’s obstacles and become stronger. This is something that Pathways has shown me, and for that, I am very grateful.
 Teresa R Pathways Client