My life is full of blessings and gratitude

My first semester of college I received 2 D’s and an F. This was before starting my journey to recovery that eventually led me to the miracle that is Pathways. Today my life is not riddled with failure. I am able to see the true value in receiving an education.  Pathways gave me the unique opportunity to receive it. My goals were unattainable without Pathways, and I am forever grateful.  This quarter I am graduating with a 3.79 GPA from Cal  Poly Pomona, prepared to start my MBA program in the fall. I have 6 years sober in Alcoholics Anonymous and 2 years sober from love addiction.

My life is full of blessings and gratitude. I see value both in myself and those around me.

Pathways gave me the tools to succeed and supported me through my educational journey, and I could not be more fortunate.