Mentor Blog: Julie & Gail

Throughout our four year journey, Julie and I have grown closer and developed a loving relationship.  She has worked very hard in school and coaching her through the tough days has been rewarding for both of us.  Each time my little nudge pushing her to make a good decision, it benefits both of us!  On her own, she has worked through her sobriety with meetings, sponsors and surrounds herself with those who can strengthen her.  As a mentor, you learn that you can’t fill all of the needs of the ladies you are supporting but each time that I make even a small difference in her day, it makes our relationship very worthwhile.  Watching Julie successfully complete OCC, transfer to CSU Domingues Hills and hopefully graduate in Spring, 2019, makes me feel like a proud Mama!

When I first became a mentor, I was frustrated with the lack of specific directions about what to do or not do with your mentee.  But as time went by, I realized that as long as both of us feel good then something is working out right.  So what do we do?  She calls me every week and sometimes during the week if she is frustrated at school, wants advice or wants to get together.  About every other month, we find time to get together to go to the movies, go shopping or go to lunch. Often over lunch either at my home or at a restaurant, we will talk about the budget, her family, her school teachers or personal conversation about family, friends or life in general.  On special occasions or holidays,  I will try and do something special with her and support her with clothes, food or fun.

Being a Pathways mentor is something that I hold in high in my heart!  Julie adds a beautiful dimension to my life!