I’ve been given a beautiful gift

Ever since I’ve gotten into Pathways, I’ve been given a beautiful gift and finally have a chance and the opportunity to survive in this world. Prior to Pathways, I really had no resources or tools to make a way for myself. I grew up enduring several forms of abuse, neglect, and trauma. I saw the world as a very bleak place and wanted to entirely give up by the time I turned 23 years old.

A few years ago, I struck gold and landed a one in a million opportunity that still brings tears to my eyes to this day.

I met someone who helped me land an interview with Dave Bishop, which ultimately led me to being accepted into the Pathways Program. Ever since my first day into the Pathways Program, I’ve worked extremely hard on obtaining an education as well as working on all of my past issues with a therapist. I’ve already earned an AA degree in Mortuary Science and am now enrolled at Cal State Fullerton working on my Bachelors degree in Psychology. I hope to one day be a grief therapist, helping those who have lost a loved one.  I currently work at a funeral home, which is helping me obtain the necessary experience for my future career goals. I meet weekly with my therapist and we do EMDR therapy, which is not an easy thing to do at all. I feel like I still have to relive a lot of horrible things from my past, but I know that working through these issues will one day help me to be set free. Without Pathways, I really am scared to think of where I’d be today. Pathways not only saved my life, but gave me an opportunity to have a life worth living. I know there is nothing I did to deserve such an amazing gift, but I cling on to this Program like a lifeboat because it’s been my one way out of a life that was very broken and sad. Thank you to all who support Pathways and make this program a reality.