Growing up, I lived in a dysfunctional family

Growing up, I lived in a dysfunctional family. My parents were alcoholics, and all they knew was how to have fun. As a result of my parents’ poor choices, I ended up in  the foster care system. I was first housed at Orangewood Children’s Home in Orange, California. From there,  I moved from group homes to foster homes at different times of my life. During the time of my preteen years, I was lucky enough to meet with the counselor at the middle school I was attending. We remained in contact, and she is the one who introduced me to Pathways to Independence.

I was scared at first because, like most women new to the program, I was thinking this is too good to be true.

I never knew that I would become the woman I am today. I have grown intellectually with the opportunity to advance my knowledge through academics. I have grown personally with the privilege to attend therapy, and I have grown emotionally, learning to value my self-worth.  Pathways has given me that, and I will forever be grateful for the resources and support given me in the last few years. The opportunities available through Pathways will enable me to become successful in different ways after I graduate. The skills and tools that Pathways has given me are life lessons that I will at some point in my life be able to share with others. Graduating college has been a dream of mine since I was an adolescent. I will be able to pursue my dream career of being a Social Worker because of this life-changing organization.