Support and Gratitude

In my experience so far at Pathways, there have been an ample amount of times when my perspective of myself and my capabilities shifted. During the first in-person meeting I had with the board upon being accepted, I felt more support and gratitude than I ever had in my life.

The love and encouragement that was immediately shown to me allowed me to feel confident in the potential I always knew I possessed, but wasn’t sure where or how to apply it. It felt like all the fear and uncertainty about my future dissipated and turned into pure excitement. The power of finally having a team behind you to guide you and cheer you on is absolutely unmatched when all you have known beforehand is struggle and resistance. Having the community that Pathways to Independence so graciously creates has allowed me to flourish and feel so much more sure of myself and my ability to navigate life. I have finally started to believe in my ability to excel in my education while balancing other responsibilities and maintaining a life that makes me feel fulfilled. If you told me a year ago where I would be today thanks to this incredible program, I would have genuinely laughed in your face. I am and will forever be so grateful to Pathways for providing me with these opportunities.