As a third year undergraduate in California State University Long Beach, client of Pathways, I can happily state that this scholarship program has done miracles for me.

Pathways guides me to thrive physically, mentally, financially, and with education. Furthermore, without the expectation of having to be perfect or having to show positive results with myself for what they have to offer.

Whenever they asked if I’m okay, I thought I was expected to reply with positive responses and healthy updates all the time. However, I did not expect them to want to genuinely acknowledge what I was negatively feeling and how hard my current circumstances are. They genuinely want to invest in me as a person regarding my education, physical, emotional, and financial state, to work on me and to work with me.

They are always hoping for a genuine answer, yet respects boundaries nonetheless. I came from an intense background of trauma and I did not expect the kind of commitment Pathways had for me in terms of healing. I understood this is a scholarship program so I thought I could no longer be part of the community without good grades if my mental state spiraled. Fortunately enough, Pathways always reminded me they prioritize my mental health first before education or a job to commit to, in which they did and now I am happily thriving in my education with a healthy and positive state of mind.

They are very happy that I trusted the therapy processes they’ve offered regarding yoga therapy and equine therapy; which is more of a hands-on therapy session. Without their trust in me or my trust in them, I wouldn’t have been able to have gotten this far. The support and trust, overall, the investment in me, in which I was taught my whole life I was not significant, never made me feel so alive, and that is why my miracle is Pathways. I never felt so much sincerity in my life for the love and priority Pathways has for me.