A New Perspective on Life

Pathways has given me a new perspective on life. With the help of my team and mentor I have been able to set goals for my education as well as my personal life and complete them.

I had a really hard time my whole life advocating for my needs and asking for help, the people in pathways have given me a solid foundation to do that. Pathways took a chance with me as I didn’t have many credits before entering. They saw me as a strong woman I could become instead of a beginner. I was given tutoring, therapy and a team that loves me and helps me grow. I am truly blessed for this, for the opportunity and I push harder in my education because
of it. My mental health has increased as well, I was struggling in math but with the outlet of my therapist and tutor, being fully supported my grade improved. I have learned basic tools for life here, even in a community sense. The woman I am today versus the woman that walked into pathways is significantly different. I was sad and hopeless, really unsure of what I could accomplish. Then with a little push from my team and being properly cared for and loved I got straight A’s last semester.