Education, Healthcare, Therapy and Mentoring for Young Women in Need

Check out this video to experience the impact Pathways makes for its clients.

With approximately 80% of all donations going directly to the clients, Pathways funds its program with donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and service clubs.


Our Mission

The mission of Pathways to Independence is to transform the lives of disadvantaged single young women through education, therapy, mentoring, housing, and healthcare, to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

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Pathways commits to
helping our clients with: 

Weekly interactions with a mentor and weekly counseling with a licensed therapist
A monthly stipend to help cover housing expenses
Assistance with costs of tuition and books
Access to over 100 health care professionals who provide their services for free
Access to 5 mechanics, who donate all of their labor while the foundation reimburses for parts
Access to a wide variety of local professionals (lawyers, accountants, cosmetologists, etc. who donate their services)

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A Powerful Voice for Empowering Women

So many women’s lives are shattered before they can even begin.

Butterfly Tears reveals the gripping and intimate stories of nine brave women who found the strength to turn their dark, raging worlds around.

These compelling and inspiring transformations prove to anyone who has suffered life’s hardships—to the breaking point and beyond—that there is a way out. Especially for those with desire, drive, and the support of an unparalleled organization like the Pathways to Independence Foundation.

Our Wonderful Sponsors

“Since its inception in 1991, Pathways to Independence has served over 300 young women and can proudly say that 80% of women accepted into the program have graduated from college.”

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