Education, Healthcare, Therapy and Mentoring for Young Women in Need

Our Mission

The mission of Pathways to Independence is to transform the lives of disadvantaged single young women through education, therapy, mentoring, housing, and healthcare, to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.


Pathways commits to helping our clients with: 

  • Weekly interactions with a mentor and weekly counseling with a licensed therapist
  • A monthly stipend to help cover housing expenses
  • Assistance with costs of tuition and books
  • Access to over 100 health care professionals who provide their services for free
  • Access to 5 mechanics, who donate all of their labor while the foundation reimburses for parts
  • Access to a wide variety of local professionals (lawyers, accountants, cosmetologists, etc. who donate their services)

Pathways to Independence is the inspiration and avenue for individual empowerment, personal healing and scholastic growth

Who We Are

Pathways to Independence was founded in 1991 by Dave and Joyce Bishop and received 501(c)(3) status as a Public Charity in February, 1994.   Pathways’ initial goal was to help a young woman named Monica, get advanced education and achieve self-sufficiency. Monica was the product of a dysfunctional alcoholic family and at age 19 had a 2 year-old daughter and no support. With Pathways’ help, Monica was able to get advanced training and a full-time job with health benefits for her and her daughter. 

No Board Members receive any compensation whatsoever. In 2018, 80% of Program Expenses went directly to the clients in the program. Presently, Pathways has 14 Board Members and 300+ volunteers collaborating to execute our mission.

Client Criteria & Client Commitments:

Pathways assists a largely un-served segment of the population.
Our clients are young women who:

1) Are poor by state/federal standards. 
2) Come from a background of abuse, homelessness, or foster care.
3) Have a serious desire to complete their college education and become self-sufficient.
4) Lack an emotional and financial support system.

Pathways clients sign mutually developed contracts specifying their commitments to education and personal growth. Contracts contain clear requirements for counseling, mentor interactions, college credits to be earned, minimum grade point averages and weekly hours of part-time employment. Mentors and program coordinators hold clients accountable for their contractual commitments and monitor progress on a consistent basis.

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